12 Hour Shift

Brea Grant (director)


18 (certificates)

86 (size)

06 February 2021 (launched)

10 h

This is my review of 12 Hour Shift initially written for its displaying at FrightFest 2020.

It’s the useless shift, the hard-ass, shift and the 12 Hour Shift. The nocturnal hours at this hospital in Arkansas sees a profitable commerce in contemporary organs which have a market and a value. The drawback is when you have drugged fuelled nurses supplying the products to drug fuelled couriers, there’s certain to be a slip up. That occurs when Regina (Gina) (Chloe Farnworth) packs the transportable fridge with chilly cans to maintain the organs contemporary however forgets the organs! Returning to the boss who has a consumer on the working desk she’s ordered again to get them, a alternative in an hour, or else.

The hospital finish of the operation is co-ordinated by hard-nosed nurse Mandy (Angela Bettis) (who’s on probation) and her boss Karen (Nikea Gamby-Turner). Further complicating issues is the arrival of Mandy’s half-brother Andrew having OD’d. Teetering on loss of life Gina (who’s Mandy’s cousin by marriage) suggests that he could possibly be helped alongside.

No means that goes to occur so with absolutely the minimal of data Gina tries to cross herself of as a nurse, and discover the organs for herself. Having been advised that the nurses’ most popular technique of euthanasia is bleach Gina proceeds to do this on a dialysis affected person with the apparent outcome.

There can also be a manacled killer (David Arquette) who escapes and runs merrily murderous across the hospital in addition to a daughter with her mom who has dementia, or has she… To complicate issues much more Gina’s boss has dispatched considered one of his boys (Dusty Warren) to deal with the matter. Soon the concocted plan, that was by no means correctly thought out anyway, begins to come back aside on the seams.

It all appears as if it ought to crumble attempting too laborious to be darkish, humorous and off the wall on the identical time. It is bold however hangs collectively very properly with the separate tales and characters operating into every other (particularly within the remaining act when the escaped prisoner is operating free knocking people off) do their bit then disappear.

Director Brea Grant nevertheless retains all of it collectively and it’s a satisfying complete with Mandy and Gina being the linchpins of what is to all intents and functions a farce. They are wonderful getting one of the best out of Grant’s biting script with some sharp dialogue to work with. And for a scientific setting that by rights must be chilly, spick and span, the design, colors and lighting make all of it look very grungy and sleazy.

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